Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Here we go again, it's November 2014!

weighed in today, 310.2

that;s actually good! i've been creeping around with weight going up to 330, down to 315 for awhile now, getting tired of the yo yo, no no. So what will I need this time to keep motivated? last time it was looking forward to the wedding. well guess what? i'm MARRIED! lol so yeah, motivation out the window...but when i look at my wife i think, we deserve better, i want more energy and i want to be better on the inside and outside. i want to travel and have kids and be able to play with them and keep up with them. i do not, will not, be that mom that sits and says no, no i can't play with you, can't run with you, can't set an example for you...

so here we go again, week one, weigh in, GOOD.

KEEP IT UP! and here's some current pics...ugh..kmn...

lovin the gru legs in these pants.

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