Wednesday, 26 February 2014

oh dear god, why do i do this to :p



ok, so today is a good and bad day. i did a weigh in this morning 312! .... something...maybe!! yay! i finally am back to losing again as i was going back up, last week it was 318/316. i realized a few things in the past couple of weeks.  i cannot go over my points, AT ALL. and i NEVER use my bonus points and for god's sake NO POPCORN and try to not eat after 7 or 8...if i am a good girl and do these things it seems to work.

the reason it's a bad day is cause my girl Ash is not losing and it breaks my heart to see her upset over the scale. in reality she is showing weight loss in her body and clothes but its hard to look at the number not budge and not want to throw the scale out the window and march yourself to the cupcake store...which we live dangerously close to btw, and a chicken store...with damned good chicken....*drool...

k, focus


ps. thought i'd post pics took this morning now that i have officially lost 20 pounds :)...still look the same to me

xoxox MadameO