Thursday, 23 January 2014

i don't have a scale that works, well to be truthful the one in the kitchen says it goes to 330 but when i get on it the numbers go all weird blinking frantically in a panic cause its being crushed to death. I went to my friend Jo's house (the choc-blocker) and stood there in disbelief in front of their scale........I LOST 11 POUNDS!!! i went from 333 to 321.6 ! WOW.

This result is after a week and a half, i started weight watchers last monday and after 10 days of being a committed and focused, this is my reward! yeeeeeehhhhh! i realize and have heard many many times that you get bug numbers at first when you have big to lose, i am fine with long as i see some sort of reduction then i am over the moon with happiness! My fiance lost seven!! we are kickin' ass and takin' names at this thing!

so, amidst the euphoria, there have been challenges. but i have not changed anything but diet. i still sit most of my day wedding mean working on my Phd...and i know its typical of anybody in their first few weeks of weight loss to be overly optimistic but i am! i really am! i am turning around a lifestyle that is damaging me physically, emotionally and spiritually. i will stick this out and i will be where i want to be...

on this uplifting positive note, bye for now :)


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