Tuesday, 15 October 2013

I have been avoiding this blog for weeeeeekks! haha! i sign in...i stare....i sign out...and the reason? i have been avoiding posting these pictures. well, it is what it is. these are unposed, straight pics that i decided not to photoshop magic into something distorted. it's me. well, it's my body in its present shape. and that shape is shapeless. I am embarking on one of the hardest weeks of my program in university, the dreaded comprehensive exam. I doubt i will be on here much in the coming week but these pics will be here when i return, to regular life. must not eat entire contents of the fridge?

this is me pre-work out, hence the sexy attire. i have a treadmill now on loan which is easier on the back than my stationary bike. so, the funny thing is, i actually didn't mean to cut my head off but i wanted to take pictures from the same place over time and i used the ledge in my apartment. oops. heehee. ps. the grey thing next to me is the cloak of shame i put on when i leave the house...

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