Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Here we go again, it's November 2014!

weighed in today, 310.2

that;s actually good! i've been creeping around with weight going up to 330, down to 315 for awhile now, getting tired of the yo yo, no no. So what will I need this time to keep motivated? last time it was looking forward to the wedding. well guess what? i'm MARRIED! lol so yeah, motivation out the window...but when i look at my wife i think, we deserve better, i want more energy and i want to be better on the inside and outside. i want to travel and have kids and be able to play with them and keep up with them. i do not, will not, be that mom that sits and says no, no i can't play with you, can't run with you, can't set an example for you...

so here we go again, week one, weigh in, GOOD.

KEEP IT UP! and here's some current pics...ugh..kmn...

lovin the gru legs in these pants.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

oh dear god, why do i do this to :p



ok, so today is a good and bad day. i did a weigh in this morning 312! .... something...maybe!! yay! i finally am back to losing again as i was going back up, last week it was 318/316. i realized a few things in the past couple of weeks.  i cannot go over my points, AT ALL. and i NEVER use my bonus points and for god's sake NO POPCORN and try to not eat after 7 or 8...if i am a good girl and do these things it seems to work.

the reason it's a bad day is cause my girl Ash is not losing and it breaks my heart to see her upset over the scale. in reality she is showing weight loss in her body and clothes but its hard to look at the number not budge and not want to throw the scale out the window and march yourself to the cupcake store...which we live dangerously close to btw, and a chicken store...with damned good chicken....*drool...

k, focus


ps. thought i'd post pics took this morning now that i have officially lost 20 pounds :)...still look the same to me

xoxox MadameO

Thursday, 23 January 2014

i don't have a scale that works, well to be truthful the one in the kitchen says it goes to 330 but when i get on it the numbers go all weird blinking frantically in a panic cause its being crushed to death. I went to my friend Jo's house (the choc-blocker) and stood there in disbelief in front of their scale........I LOST 11 POUNDS!!! i went from 333 to 321.6 ! WOW.

This result is after a week and a half, i started weight watchers last monday and after 10 days of being a committed and focused, this is my reward! yeeeeeehhhhh! i realize and have heard many many times that you get bug numbers at first when you have big to lose, i am fine with long as i see some sort of reduction then i am over the moon with happiness! My fiance lost seven!! we are kickin' ass and takin' names at this thing!

so, amidst the euphoria, there have been challenges. but i have not changed anything but diet. i still sit most of my day wedding mean working on my Phd...and i know its typical of anybody in their first few weeks of weight loss to be overly optimistic but i am! i really am! i am turning around a lifestyle that is damaging me physically, emotionally and spiritually. i will stick this out and i will be where i want to be...

on this uplifting positive note, bye for now :)


Friday, 17 January 2014

Captains log, day five of weight watchers. Urge to go to Mary Brown's and lay in the deep fryer rising. possible trip to Menchies after to fill all my pockets with froyo for later...

actually, i feel pretty damned good. and yes, it's been FOREVER since i've been on here but here's the new plan. weight watchers for a year. yep. a year. its been five days and honestly, doable. totally doable. hard, of course but not impossible and seriously i can do it. i'm not starving all the time, i'm not headachy and i feel good. no more excuses.

i was looking at the pictures of myself and yikes, i mean effin yikes...what is my ass doing? ew...its ok! i'm working on it, i just feel bad for anyone having to follow behind me when i heave myself onto the, it's been like months since i've written. i like the catharsis of getting it out to the void. "it" being my feelings and daily lived experience of living as a manatee...

last time i wrote on here i was recently choc blocked by a friend at the grocery store. i reached for a candy bar and she literally slid over in front of it! lol...that's the support i need right now. when i'm stressed i eat, when i'm unhappy i eat, hell, when i'm happy i eat. i love food. but i do not love asking for the extender belt on a plane so here i am, day five on weight watchers. and i'm not paying $ for it, through the helpful resources of the free calculator and my fiance answering me EVERY repetitive time i ask how many points an egg is, it is surprisingly easy to keep track of my 41 points allowed. originally i was given 51 points on WW which i thought was absurd cause, honestly, who gets 51 points to i found a happy medium recommendation for 41. on day five i've learned a few things so far: i used to eat way way way too much, i have more will power than i thought and i would run someone over with a shopping cart if there was only one box of white chocolate drizzled caramel popcorn thinsations left to grab...

first weigh in on monday, i'll let ya know...

<3 Madame O

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

I have been avoiding this blog for weeeeeekks! haha! i sign in...i stare....i sign out...and the reason? i have been avoiding posting these pictures. well, it is what it is. these are unposed, straight pics that i decided not to photoshop magic into something distorted. it's me. well, it's my body in its present shape. and that shape is shapeless. I am embarking on one of the hardest weeks of my program in university, the dreaded comprehensive exam. I doubt i will be on here much in the coming week but these pics will be here when i return, to regular life. must not eat entire contents of the fridge?

this is me pre-work out, hence the sexy attire. i have a treadmill now on loan which is easier on the back than my stationary bike. so, the funny thing is, i actually didn't mean to cut my head off but i wanted to take pictures from the same place over time and i used the ledge in my apartment. oops. heehee. ps. the grey thing next to me is the cloak of shame i put on when i leave the house...